Rogue Fedora Install Guide


Fedora is my favorite Linux distribution. If it’s not your favorite, that’s OK. We can still be friends. There are good reasons to prefer other distributions. But my decision making process leads me to Fedora.

However Fedora is not without its problems. It’s strict policy against nonfree software makes it hard for a user to get certain components like Wi-Fi working. I agree with the policy but something must be done to help users get their machines working until the time of nirvana when all software and firmware is free. That is assuming that nirvana ever comes to pass. Therefore I’m creating this guide.

In addition to the free software policy there is also the problem of the inherent usability issues with Gnome 3. These can be fixed, but a user must know how to fix them. I must point out that these problems are not the fault of Fedora as they simply are trying to provide Gnome as the creators of Gnome intended.

The fault lies squarely on the Gnome project for failing to follow the appropriate engineering practices required for user interfaces, particularly usability testing and the incorpation of the results of usability testing back into the product. Instead of proper usability testing, they are trying to force users to conform to a theoretical idea of “good” usability created by a single group or person without any basis in practice. This is the exact same mistake that Microsoft made with Windows 8. It didn’t follow the use case of any real user. They just made it up and tried to force it on their users. However, Microsoft has actually done better than Gnome because they at least listened to they’re users and fixed the problems with the release of Windows 10. Gnome refuses to listen to their users and is apparently happy to see them abandon Fedora and Gnome for Ubuntu and Linux Mint.


To fill in the information that is missing from the standard guides from the Fedora project. I don’t fault Fedora for not providing the information. It all has to do with the issues I described above.


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